Midnight Realization


Been reading Ka Fifi's blog for a week every night. Tonight I stumbled upon a post about Idul Adha and there's pictures of her family doing shalat, a moslem form of prayer. It's not a rare topic on her blog but tonight I just realized that I will be doing that soon. Time does fly so fast, it seems just like yesterday my mom asked me if I would convert to Islam because I finally have a boyfriend and he's a moslem. I said to my mom to not think about it that far, I was just two weeks into my relationship and I didn't know what would happen. I always say to my friend with the same question, I would voluntarily convert if he's serious. That means, if he is actually tying the knot for us. The day that I never knew when, came out of no where. We got both of our parents blessings, which put happy tears in my eyes. Before the blessings, every time I think about our future, about our relationship, it was always sad tears. I didn't know what my parents would say about us and I'm so scared to ask.

It was all came just like that, I feel like my way had been cleared and I can walk so easily with my plan on hand. I always know that God is good. He always give us the right way for those who are willing to surrender and act based on His plan. And I believe having the faith on anything we want to do, as long as it's a good thing, will lead us the right way to achieve it. Can't wait for the day to come. :)