Woke Up Early Again


I am awake in the middle of the night after taking the night early. Last time I woke up and felt like this is when I'm in university. I was doing my home work, mostly anything related to drawing and art-ing, if that even a word. Reason is I woke up with head full of responsibilities of my unfinished work. Working from home is definitely a new thing that I need some time to adapt. The working schedules and deadlines are in need of serious thinking. Well, maybe if I don't spend that so much time on watching youtube and day dreaming on making it as my regular but then quickly turned down by my own self of how I don't have any good background to do so, then I would actually do it. Cliche, cliche.

I guess that is my problem, I day dream a lot. I am always dreaming about what could happen instead of how I can make it happen.